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The Makeover

Francois Fortin’s Soft Bob:

“As clients come in for shorter looks, variations of the bob rule,” explains Fortin, “though now influenced by the airiness of lobs and texturized elements of tousled looks. For fine-haired clients especially, this remains the most flattering, freshest and most wearable look — and easiest to style and grow out over time.

Fortin created the hybrid Soft-Bob to combine the linear impact of a graphic bob, loosened with subtle layers and softened ends.“ It combines styling versatility, texture, volume, and sensual movement.”

Colin Christopher: Color

Using overlapping triangular panels, Christopher is able to create a soft, subtle glow in the hair and highlight textural accents. The formula used to create this look was L’Oreal Professional Platine Precision with L’Oreal Majicreme Developer, 40 volume.

PRO TIP: “I prefer to paint with a two-inch paint brush with natural bristles from any local hardware store,” says Christopher. Although these brushes don’t last as long (approximately 5-10 applications) they give a softer, more natural line of demarcation at the root.”